Salem Cruise Lite West Travel Trailers and Toy Haulers

The Cruise Lite is a great way to introduce your family to the RV lifestyle. Full of great features that are usually only found in RVs at higher prices, the Cruise Lite offers you quality and value.

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Floorplan: T191SSXL : Cruise Lite Toy Haulers T211SSXL : Cruise Lite Toy Haulers T251SSXL : Cruise Lite Toy Haulers T201BHXL : Cruise Lite Travel Trailers T231RKXL : Cruise Lite Travel Trailers T241BHXL : Cruise Lite Travel Trailers T241RLXL : Cruise Lite Travel Trailers T254RLXL : Cruise Lite Travel Trailers T261BHXL : Cruise Lite Travel Trailers T263BHXL : Cruise Lite Travel Trailers T271BHXL : Cruise Lite Travel Trailers T273QBXL : Cruise Lite Travel Trailers T282QBXL : Cruise Lite Travel Trailers T177BQ : Salem Select Travel Trailers T177FQ : Salem Select Travel Trailers T178DB : Salem Select Travel Trailers T197SS : Salem Select Travel Trailers T208RD : Salem Select Travel Trailers T228RK : Salem Select Travel Trailers T267SS : Salem Select Travel Trailers T268BH : Salem Select Travel Trailers T177BHFSX - DSO : Dealer Stock Only T177RBFSX - DSO : Dealer Stock Only T190RBXL - DSO : Dealer Stock Only T202RDXL - DSO : Dealer Stock Only T207BH - DSO : Dealer Stock Only T210RBXL - DSO : Dealer Stock Only T212RBXL - DSO : Dealer Stock Only T221BHXL - DSO : Dealer Stock Only
Hitch Weight:710 lb.890 lb.835 lb.465 lb.585 lb.595 lb.680 lb.685 lb.495 lb.635 lb.775 lb.735 lb.705 lb.445 lb.430 lb.485 lb.495 lb.565 lb.550 lb.655 lb.545 lb.380 lb.410 lb.570 lb.552 lb.470 lb.540 lb.TBD665 lb.
UVW:5,188 lb.5,284 lb.5,721 lb.4,173 lb.5,329 lb.5,203 lb.5,478 lb.6,063 lb.4,715 lb.5,893 lb.6,353 lb.6,349 lb.6,457 lb.3,374 lb.3,334 lb.4,033 lb.4,113 lb.4,273 lb.4,708 lb.5,280 lb.4,559 lb.3,095 lb.3,159 lb.4,552 lb.4,484 lb.3,728 lb.4,760 lb.TBD5,203 lb.
CCC:3,322 lb.3,406 lb.2,914 lb.3,292 lb.2,256 lb.2,392 lb.2,202 lb.1,622 lb.2,780 lb.1,742 lb.1,422 lb.1,386 lb.1,248 lb.1,471 lb.1,496 lb.1,552 lb.1,482 lb.3,292 lb.2,842 lb.3,175 lb.2,986 lb.1,185 lb.1,151 lb.3,018 lb.3,068 lb.1,142 lb.2,780 lb.TBD2,462 lb.
Exterior Length:25' 9"27' 5"29' 5"23' 8"27' 4"28' 3"28' 8"30' 11"28' 4"31' 8"32' 10"33' 1"32' 10"22' 8"22' 8"24' 0"24' 2"25' 10"26' 3"31' 0"28' 8"21' 6"21' 6"22' 8"25' 10"22' 11"24' 8"TBD26' 5"
Exterior Height:11' 10"11' 10"11' 10"10' 4"10' 10"10' 10"10' 10"10' 10"10' 4"10' 10"10' 10"10' 10"10' 10"10' 3"10' 3"10' 3"10' 5"10' 5"10' 5"10' 9"10' 5"10' 3"10' 3"10' 1"10' 4"10' 5"10' 10"TBD10' 10"
Exterior Width:96"96"96"96"96"96"96"96"96"96"96"96"96"84"84"96"84"96"96"84"96"96"96"96"96"84"96"TBD96"
Fresh Water:50.00 gal.50.00 gal.50.00 gal.50.00 gal.50.00 gal.50.00 gal.50.00 gal.50.00 gal.50.00 gal.50.00 gal.50.00 gal.50.00 gal.50.00 gal.42.00 gal.42.00 gal.42.00 gal.42.00 gal.42.00 gal.42.00 gal.42.00 gal.42.00 gal.28.00 gal.28.00 gal.50.00 gal.50.00 gal.42.00 gal.56.00 gal.TBD50.00 gal.
Gray Water:40.00 gal.35.00 gal.35.00 gal.30.00 gal.30.00 gal.35.00 gal.35.00 gal.30.00 gal.28.00 gal.65.00 gal.65.00 gal.28.00 gal.30.00 gal.22.00 gal.22.00 gal.28.00 gal.22.00 gal.30.00 gal.52.00 gal.28.00 gal.28.00 gal.22.00 gal.22.00 gal.30.00 gal.22.00 gal.22.00 gal.28.00 gal.TBD35.00 gal.
Black Water:30.00 gal.30.00 gal.30.00 gal.30.00 gal.30.00 gal.30.00 gal.30.00 gal.28.00 gal.30.00 gal.30.00 gal.30.00 gal.30.00 gal.28.00 gal.22.00 gal.22.00 gal.30.00 gal.22.00 gal.30.00 gal.28.00 gal.22.00 gal.30.00 gal.22.00 gal.22.00 gal.30.00 gal.30.00 gal.22.00 gal.30.00 gal.TBD30.00 gal.

GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) – is the maximum permissible weight of the unit when fully loaded. It includes all weights, inclusive of all fluids, cargo, optional equipment and accessories. For safety and product performance do NOT exceed the GVWR.

GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating) – is the maximum permissible weight, including cargo, fluids, optional equipment and accessories that can be safely supported by a combination of all axles.

UVW (Unloaded Vehicle Weight)*- is the typical weight of the unit as manufactured at the factory. It includes all weight at the unit’s axle(s) and tongue or pin and LP Gas. The UVW does not include cargo, fresh potable water, additional optional equipment or dealer installed accessories.
*Estimated Average based on standard build optional equipment.

CCC (Cargo Carrying Capacity)** - is the amount of weight available for fresh potable water, cargo, additional optional equipment and accessories. CCC is equal to GVWR minus UVW. Available CCC should accommodate fresh potable water (8.3 lbs per gallon). Before filling the fresh water tank, empty the black and gray tanks to provide for more cargo capacity.
**Estimated Average based on standard build optional equipment.

Each Forest River RV is weighed at the manufacturing facility prior to shipping. A label identifying the unloaded vehicle weight of the actual unit and the cargo carrying capacity is applied to every Forest River RV prior to leaving our facilities.

The load capacity of your unit is designated by weight, not by volume, so you cannot necessarily use all available space when loading your unit.

Features & Options

  • Adjustable Hidden Hinges
  • Larger Entertainment Center Which Allows for a Larger TV (Per Floorplan)
  • Aerodynamic Front Profile
  • Shaker Style Cabinet Doors
  • 3-Burner Cooktop
  • 13.5 Air Conditioner (Non-Ducted)
  • LP Quick Disconnect
  • Digital TV Antenna w/Booster
  • Cable/Satellite Ready
  • Bluetooth Stereo w/Remote
  • "Teddy Bear" Bunk Mattress
  • (2) Gas Struts Under Main Bed
  • Larger Tables at U-Dinette
  • (2) Exterior Speakers
  • (2) 20 lb LP Bottles w/Hard Cover
  • Extra-Large Kitchen Overhead Cabinets
  • Stainless Steel Microwave w/Carousel
  • Ball Bearing Drawer Guides
  • 6 Gallon Gas DSI Water Heater
  • Pass Through Storage (Per Floorplan)
  • High Definition Countertops
  • 78" Interior Height
  • Easy Lube Axles w/Self Adjusting Brakes
  • 30K BTU Suburban Furnace
  • Double Door Refrigerator
  • Range w/Oven In Place of Cooktop
  • Spare Tire and Carrier
  • Ducted Air Conditioner (Per Floorplan)
  • Outside Camp and Outdoor Kitchens (Per Floorplan)
  • Power Stabilizer Jacks
  • Sink Covers
  • New 6-Way Adjustable Hidden Hinges
  • Stainless Steel Single Pole Faucet
  • Aerodynamic Front Profile
  • Shaker Style Cabinet Doors
  • New 3-Burner Cook Top (N/A 178BHSK)
  • 13.5K Air Conditioner
  • Texture Rock Guard
  • LP Quick Connect
  • Double Door Gas & Electric Refrigerator
  • Residential Single Bowl Sink
  • Microwave w/Carousel
  • Awning
  • 6 Gallon Gas DSI Water Heater
  • (1) 20 lb LP Bottle
  • Auto Ignition 20K BTU Furnace
  • Exterior TV Hookup
  • Mini-Blinds Throughout
  • Teddy Bear Bunk Mats (Per Floorplan)
  • Water Heater Bypass
  • Seamless Roof w/15-Year Manufacturer Defect Warranty
  • Kitchen Drawer W/Ball Bearing Guides
  • High Definition Countertops
  • 78" Interior Height
  • E-Z Lube Axles w/Self-Adjusting Brakes
  • Power Awning w/Adjustable Legs
  • Bluetooth Stereo w/Remote
  • Backup Camera Prep
  • Solar Prep
  • USB Ports
  • Spare Tire and Carrier
  • Skylight Over Tub
  • Power Tongue Jack
  • Stabilizer Jacks (2 or 4)

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